As a subsidiary of Can Automotive, the Turtle brand prides itself on modern technology and innovative engineering methods. Our product range includes roof rails, spacers, bicycle carriers, ski carriers, and roof racks, all designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our products are renowned for their appeal to a broad customer base worldwide. We have operated in the automotive accessories sector since 1991 and have established a global presence in over 40 countries.

At Turtle, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our sustainability principle guides us in pursuing energy saving and waste reduction, and we are constantly improving in this area. We work closely with strong business partners and reliable suppliers to ensure our operations use innovative technologies that reduce waste and energy consumption.

Turtle dedicates to being your trusted companion on the road. Our half-century journey in the sector has fuel by our passion for providing exceptional products and services to our customers. We take great pride in our products, designed to enhance our customers’ driving experience and make their adventures more enjoyable.

In that case, we recognize the importance of understanding American consumers and tailoring our marketing strategy to meet their unique needs. We are excited to explore this new opportunity and look forward to sharing the Turtle brand with American customers.

Turtle! Your companion.

With nearly half a century of experience in the industry, we at TURTLE are proud to work with reliable suppliers and maintain strong relationships with international partners. We are a dynamic company that adapts quickly to changing market conditions and is committed to growth and innovation.

Our team is dedicated to researching and developing innovative products and services that meet our customers’ evolving needs and expectations. We strive to offer a wide range of practical and accessible products to install while continuously improving the quality of our existing product range.

At TURTLE, we prioritize customer focus in all aspects of our business, from sales to after-sales support, and strive to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. We also value our employees and aim to provide them with the best human resources processes and personal and professional growth opportunities.

Our sustainability principle guides us in pursuing innovative products that respect people and the environment. We work closely with our distributors and suppliers to achieve this goal. We take pride in our brand, which appeals to a broad range of vehicle segments and meets the diverse needs of our customers.

In summary, our focus on experience, dynamism, R&D and innovation, variation, growth, international partnerships, brand, customer focus, employees, and products ensures that we continue to provide exceptional products and services to our customers while maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.