Turtle Side Step

Get Comfort, Accessibility, and Style all in one with Turtle Side Steps!

Easy Access: Provides easy access to hard-to-reach areas due to the height of vehicles.

Safety: Offers secure footing in harsh weather conditions and slippery surfaces.

Comfort: Provides a comfortable and practical solution for frequently getting in and out of the vehicle.

Protection: Protects the vehicle's side panels and bottom from harmful elements such as mud, dirt, and rocks.

Aesthetics: Adds a new style to your vehicle's design, especially in high cars, creating a more impressive look.

Functionality: Enables more effortless loading of cargo to be carried.

Variety: The turtle sidestep series offers an aesthetic richness compatible with different vehicle types thanks to its various surface designs.

ColorSilver, Black

Turtle carries a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of its products.

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      Product Description​

      With its stylish design featuring a scratch-resistant plastic surface and easy to clean, Turtle Alyans continues to make your life easier.

      TURTLE Plus series is designed to prevent scratches and slips with its elliptical particles, providing added value to your life while ensuring minimum impact from impacts. Its professional design ensures that your vehicle stays protected from damage and adds a touch of sophistication to your ride. The anti-slip surface provides safe entry and exit from your car, even in wet or icy conditions. Plus series is perfect for those who value quality and safety in their daily commute.