Turtle Air 2


The Integrated Roof Rack Connection ensures a seamless connection between the beam and the roof or your vehicle without any gaps. Typically integrated with 2 or 3 parts.

ColourSilver, Black
Roof TypeClosed Rails
Universal T-BoldYes
Parked Transport250 kg.
Moving Transport75 kg.
Lock ProtectionYes

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      Product Description​

      If extra luggage is to be transported, or luggage that is too long or too wide and does not fit in the trunk, our roof racks offer the option of conveniently transporting your accessories such as skis, snowboards, bicycle racks, roof boxes on the roof of your vehicle. Our roof rack, which is available in 2 different colors, is your best travel companion on long journeys. It is a unique accessory where you can experience the premium feel to the tips with the anodized aluminum structure. A brand that has proven itself in terms of durability and longevity, specially designed for your car with a fully lockable function.

      Turtle carries a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of its products.

      The fitting instructions for your vehicle are included in the product box.

      It has a unique design that stands out from its competitors. It includes functional features that make it easy to use. It adds beauty to the appearance of your vehicle. Thanks to its design, it reduces wind resistance. It prevents excessive fuel consumption and provides a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

      The cover, which can be opened and locked using the supplied key, not only looks good, but also protects the product from theft.

      Class A vacuuming thanks to flexible plastic material

      Bike/canoe/snowboard rack, vehicle tent etc. You have the option to adjust the product’s spacing according to the dimensions of the holiday gear, e.g

      It is T-Bolt compatible as standard and has successfully passed internationally valid tests. It allows you to safely use the vacation gear you want.

      Box Contents and Installation